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We believe in bringing Swahili to the world. We are building a comprehensive set of tools for organizations and developers to bring truly native, Swahili-first, experiences to their users.

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Features & Documentation

Try our Beta tools through our API's and let us know what you think!

Sentiment Analysis 🥳 😲

// Request JSON
// Get the sentiments in text
{ "service": "sentiment-analysis", "key": "94ho3fueiwaCERGWE-BEREDC324", "payload": { "text": [ "Your text here", "Another string here" ] } }

// Response JSON
{ "service": "sentiment-analysis", "responseId": "8h9fwue-23rhuioqa-48hefu9o2iew", "result": { "sentiments": [ "happy", "angry" ] } }

Word Embeddings

Words and sentences can have different meanings depending on how they are used. Get their embeddings and better understand the meaning of the text.

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Parts of Speech Tagging

Want to offer grammar and syntax correction? Proof-read documents? Identify names and actions? Use our Parts of Speech tagging tool.

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Identify Entities

Everyday documents and messages contain information about enities like people, times, and dates. Uncover these entities with Entity Recognition.

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Classify Intentions

Building a chat bot? Trying to cluster strings based on intentions? Send us your intentions and we will return the predictions!

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Sentiment Analysis

Find out whether your users are happy, sad, angry, or even dissapointed in your services by sending reviews to our sentiment analysis API.

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Releases & Updates

Stay up to date with the progress we are making and be sure to let us know what you would like to see in future releases!

Entity Recognition27 May 2020

Trained NER models with acceptable performance 😇

With the Language embeddings ready and separately improving, downstream task of Entity Recognition went on with minor glitches! Released today with support for PERSON, LOCATION, GPE, PRODUCT, CROP, NATIONALITIES, DATE, TIME, NUMBER, ORDINAL AND CURRENCY.

Language Embeddings23 May 2020

Completed version 0.1.0

Language model first version to contextualize sentences and strings to

Whoop Whoop!9 May 2020

Data collected, resources gathered .. lets get it on!

Data collection efforts by the data teams in TZ! Initial work started on the set up and infrastructure to develop, test, and iterate!


As a team, we love it when you reach out to us with comments, suggestions and any feedback you might have 😊


Kevin Alex James

Project & Team Lead

Technology & language enthusiast, leading the technology and development of the NLP tools for African Languages @ Mary Africa.


Megan E. Allen

User Experience

Health Technologist & Researcher @ Inspired Ideas in charge of making sure the world is a better place


Ally J. Salim

Software Developer

Software Engineer @ Inspired Ideas, in charge of making sure the technology is delivered to fit the requirements


Maryam Mohammedali

Health language guide

Clinical Lead @ Inspired Ideas, in charge of all things health and medicine

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