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Our Vision

We’re on a mission to create for the future of the continent by bringing together the best minds and democratizing access to powerful technologies for social good. Mary.Africa promotes African Intelligence as a path towards the future of the continent.

Natural Language Understanding for Swahili

We are strong believers that the 4th Industrial Revolution cannot take place only in English or other western languages. We’re focused on the research and development of natural language understanding technologies for Swahili - a language spoken by 100 million people. We’re building language tools that will ensure these swahili speaking voices are always heard and never missed by the wave of automation that is sweeping the world. In this way, we can ensure that African languages are represented in global technology development, and that new technologies work for diverse linguistic populations.

AGI Research

As the race to true Artificial Intelligence continues across the globe, Artificial General Intelligence is a crucial piece of the future we are trying to create with Mary. To create a truly advanced and independent continent our technologies must be able to learn and evolve with the ability to transfer knowledge and without the dependence on human supervision or unprecedented amounts of data. This is Mary.

Mary Studio

Mary Studio is a tool that brings powerful computing and emerging data science approaches to the hands of non-developers. We’re focused on empowering Africans with and without data analytics experience to explore these technologies and utilize them in their own ventures.Mary Studio is still in development. We’ll let you know when our first release is available.

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