Our Vision for the Future

The future we want is one where technology is not a barrier for Africa and where African-built technologies inform global development. We’re creating that future by investing in tools that connect African technologies to the world, empower humanity to create impactful change, and represent the diversity of the African continent.


Mary.Africa was created to connect humans and machines in the pursuit of a better Africa, one where African technologies reach the global scene, where emerging technologies are accessible by everyone (not just those with privilege and power), and where passionate individuals are able to work together to make a difference.


We believe that all humans have the power to enact change. We want to make sure that technology is not a barrier for them, and that they can utilize emerging technologies that represent who they are to take on any challenge.


We take pride in the diversity of Africa’s language, cultures, and traditions. We also recognize that this diversity is often left out of global technology development. We’re here to make sure that future technologies are representative and equitable.

Our Team

We are builders and doers, creating the future.

We run on code and coffee. We’re led by our passion to create a better world in which technology is accessible, equitable, representative, and used for good.

Kevin James profile

Kevin James

Technology & Project Lead

Nelson Mganga profile

Nelson Mganga

Statistian Exatrodinare & Research Lead

Ally Jr. Salim profile

Ally Jr. Salim

CEO & Systems Engineer

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